Thursday, April 28, 2011

How Superior Document Services Makes Great Customer Service Our Company's Culture

Customer service is usually part of every company's policy but at Superior Document Services great customer service IS our corporate culture.  Our bread and butter if you will. All of our employees are a empowered with  decision-making capabilities to serve you - our customers in the best possible manner.

The cornerstones of Superior Document Services  focus on service  is worth elaborating on:

 Lightning Fast Response Times      

From our dead center downtown location to our 24 hour live on call services our focus is on being ready to do the impossible. Many large businesses do not reply to customer emails or calls promptly This sort of response won't fly in a customer-focused litigation support business. We strive to provide lighting fast responses to customer questions, comments, or orders. When an email or call comes in its treated like a fire alarm. We answer the phone and emails round the clock and - like a hospital emergency room; are available when you need us. where you need us.

 The Extra Mile

If a client asks Superior to do something - we do it - with a smile. Our decades of experience make us a clearing house for all kinds of broad based knowledge that can provide priceless back up for whatever needs you may have. Our nationwide network of contacts is just a phone call away.

No Excuses

We Stand behind our work. We don't try to blame it on the customer, the circumstances, another vendor, or the position of the moon in the sky. We are 100% results oriented. We understand its not who made a mistake; its how fast can an issue be resolved. It's amazing what a difference it can make if you just say "An error has been made, but I will make it right". 


Like we , reallylisten. We never assume you know what you want. We strive to understand what you are saying and ask for clarifications on things that might be ambiguous. We understand that our clients might be unfamiliar with certain terminologies in our profession. We are not order takers - we are proactive.

Keep  Promises

If we say you’re going to do something, we  do it. It’s part of being a professional. If, due to complexity or other  complicating issues we need more time on something, we promise to  let you know as soon as possible, not after you’ve already missed the deadline. Honoring our commitments is of utmost  importance.

Expect Problems, Be a Solution

Expect problems.Knowing that there will be problems, you should be prepared to handle them when they come. .Customers that have had problems and believe they were treated fairly will often be your most loyal customers in the long run. Our profession is heavily reliant on communication skills.
Never Argue About Returns  
Superior Document Services has a 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed return policy. We will never fuss about any return for any reason. Our concern is long term relationships, not "one and done". The more we know about you and your business the more assistance we can provide.

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