Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Computer Forensic Overview Course

Aubrey Owens - Vice President of Technology for Superior Document Services, and I road tripped to Houston, Texas Sunday April 13Th for a Computer Forensics course put on by our good friends at Trial Solutions. The course was excellent- the instructors were top notch real world forensic examiners with incredible insight into common and not so common forensics issues and surprisingly (to me at least) adversarial collection situations.

Course highlights for me include:

Detailed introduction to the field of computer forensics
Importance of forensics and forensically sound processes and procedures Case Law Overview
High level case studies of projects done correctly and incorrectly
Forensically Sound Data Collection, Process Storage, and shipment of media
Forensic Data Collection Tools
Password Cracking and Decryption Overview, Tools, and Demo
IT Structure and Data Mapping Overview
The use of camera's and recorders as forensic collection tools
Standard Operating Procedures
Meeting the team at Trial Solutions

This is just one of several classes that Trial Solutions puts on - I'll be back for more.

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