Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Superior Lauches an Early Assesment Team

Superior Document Services is in the process of launching an early assessment discovery team

Our contention is that the costs associated with electronic discovery can dramatically affect the decision of whether or not to move forward with litigation.; specifically with regard to cases with under( say for example ) $700,000 at stake. The question is how to stay within a reasonable budget to justify the litigation expense versus the ROI. Or maybe more specifically how does an attorney begin to understand the case specific electronic landscape and how their retention policies could affect his clients proposed action.

We feel that Law firms( and by proxy service bureau’s such as Superior) that can provide effective early case assessment at a reasonable cost to their clients with pending litigation will gain more credibility than those that continue to follow the methodology of “collect everything” until the budget runs out. Early case assessment includes the ability to identify the facts of the case through analysis of the custodians, concept and thread analysis of emails and data sampling of other electronic data to determine the best case strategy. This should be done in order to better prepare the client for potential expenses that will arise should litigation be propounded. What is the benefit in propounding litigation when the case is worth $1M and it requires spending $250K just to process data for review (not including attorney fees)? Wouldn’t everyone involved benefit from realizing this prior to moving forward?

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