Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Edmond Scientific Company Acquires E-Discovery Vanguard: Access Litigation

My friend Daniel Walschmidt had some exciting news last week. As the CEO of Access Litigaiton and the author of a superb motivational blog "the DEW VIEW ; Daniel is a driving force in the litigatin support industry and has embraced technology driven discovery methods more than anyone I know.

Before we get to the meat of his news - well how about an appetizer? Here's Daniels latest blog entry. Simple. Concise. Precise. Right on!!

Fighting for our dreams…

On the subject of dreams:

“The greatest discovery one can make is that NOTHING is impossible…”

Take 2 minutes to let this sink in. It nothing is not-doable then anything we imagine to be doable can be our future reality… The only thing that stands in the way of that realization is our determintaion to make it that way

and now the meat!

FAIRFAX, Va., Aug. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Edmond Scientific Company (ESC) has completed the acquisition of Access Litigation Support Services (ALSS). Under the terms of the agreement, ESC purchased existing EDD (Electronic Data Discovery) software including NatiVIEW Analytics 2.0 web-hosting solution, as well as proprietary data processing software, both award winning products developed by ALSS. In completing the acquisition, ESC not only complements its flourishing solutions-based litigation support business, but accelerates a strategy of service leadership through technological innovation in a rapidly growing e-discovery market.
"Initially, when we learned more about the solutions offered by ALSS, we were impressed by the gracefulness and power of the software's native file review, search, analysis, and foreign language processing features, as well as the potential to leapfrog our other development efforts and provide the foundation for our hosted review solution," states ESC Founder and CEO, John Pitale. "In keeping with our expressed goal to revolutionize the litigation support industry, we valued Access' market position over other possible alternatives. We intend to use our systems engineering-oriented approach for developing stable, robust solutions specifically tailored for client business processes, quickly building upon the complementary technological strengths and software assets of both companies, so to become a trail-blazer on the EDD frontier."

Washington, DC-based Access Litigation "couldn't be more pleased with this purchase," Access CEO Daniel Waldschmidt concedes. "Starting as a Mom-n-Pop organization, we took Access Litigation as far as we could. The growth of the company, in conjunction with continued software development, required new ideas and mature processes to be able to extend well beyond the e-discovery solutions currently available in the market. Of all the interested buyers, ESC was favored because of their ability to provide complementary skills and new discipline, while maintaining the developmental integrity of our products. We are excited for the future of e-discovery as we move forward with this deal."

About Edmond Scientific Company

Edmond Scientific Company ( ) is a professional services firm that creates innovative business solutions for both government and commercial customers. ESC's systems engineering expertise began with the design and development of mission-critical systems and software for the Department of Defense, and has since applied those skills to both the litigation support and health informatics sectors.

Edmond Scientific Company

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