Monday, February 2, 2009

Shrek IS the new Gumby; Steelers new Super Bowl Champs

Forty-three years, and a championship has never been this exciting, this breathless, this much fun. Forty-three games, and none of them has measured up to this: Pittsburgh 27, Arizona 23

This was everything you ever wanted in a Super Bowl and more.

Last nights game had everything There was Harrison's 100-yard interception return, a 14-point swing, at the end of the first half. There was Roethlisberger pump-faking and finding Holmes for a 40-yard reception on the final drive. And there was a Bob Dylan sighting ( i'd guess Dylan is a Steelers kinda guy)

I maintain that any Bob Dylan sighting is noteworthy, and hearing him and perform "Forever Young" stood out to me more than even B-R-U-C- E at halftime. The legendary singer-songwriter and the Black Eyed Peas‘ both made what I think was much more that a cameo appearance during this Sunday’s Super Bowl

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