Friday, May 8, 2009

Compiled Services : Gaining Traction one User at a Time

As you may know – Superior Document Services has a new company COMPILED SERVICES ; that writes small software applications for the litigation support industry.

Compiled Services began as an “in-house” software development group in June of 2005. The group’s initial goal was to provide software utilities to aid in meeting tight deadlines while respecting strict quality guidelines. The utilities developed ranged from simple console applications to full scale image processing and form recognition based applications. Our goal was simple: develop easy-to-use software while increasing production capacity of the e-discovery department.

Our intial free offering - ReadyConvert - helps litigation support teams by quickly and accurately verifying their product deliverables.

Yesterday we noticed a HUGE increase in the number of downloads and after some internal investigation discovered that the application is now available on CNET. I am stil not convinced that this is the source of the major activity shift but as Bob Dylan once sang "something is happening and I don't know why it is"

Needless to say we are excited about our product and even more excited to see it getting traction not only in the USA but as far away as Australia.

Ready Convert on Cnet

If you haven’t had a chance please check us out on cnet or on our web page

As always we truly appreciate your support/ Comments and suggestions most welcome.

All our products conform to the guidelines outlined by the EDRM for electronic discovery.

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