Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Compiled Services announces new product: ReadyEndorse

Many users of our ReadyConvert and ReadyPrint products have asked for new ways to work with their existing image sets. We’ve built an incredible base product handling multiple image formats and load files. Now, we are extending that functionality to include features that will allow the user to endorse, redact, recognize (OCR), renumber, and create new image sets. Over the next several weeks, we will be highlighting these changes in a multi-part series to our development blog

Using ReadyEndorse, litigation support teams can efficiently apply endorsements to their existing image sets. Endorsements can comprise of bates numbers, page numbers, metadata fields, confidential endorsements and any custom text. With nine regions to apply endorsements, and multiple alignment settings, endorsements can be added virtually anywhere.
Need to remove an existing endorsement? ReadyEndorse allows you to redact existing endorsements by specifying regions or portions of a page. Removing the footer of an image is incredibly fast and easy.
With a built-in spell checker, ReadyEndorse will check behind you as you type. Don’t worry about those silly errors and see those misspelled words underlined with the familiar red 'squiggly' line.
ReadyEndorse handles industry standard load files, including Summation, Concordance, IPRO and EDRM XML. Additionally, ReadyEndorse supports most common image formats, including PDF, TIF and JPG files.
• Apply endorsements to multiple image types, including TIFF and PDF,
• Position endorsements in up to nine specific quadrants,
• Use identifiers, page numbers, metadata fields and custom text in endorsements,
• Adjust the images header and footer by increasing its canvas,
• Instantly preview endorsement settings before you start the batch process, and
• Spell checker provides reassurance as you type.
• Choose font family, style and size for each quadrant,
• Specify color endorsements for color images,
• Align endorsements to the left, right, center or full-justify,
• Change text orientation to horizontal, vertical or a specific angle,
• Enter multiple lines of text, and
• Synchronize settings across all quadrants with ease.
• Trim portions of the page, including the header, footer and sides,
• Redact regions by selecting areas to remove,
• Move the redaction selection using the preview window and adjust its size,
• Use a white or black background for the redaction region, and
• Instantly preview redaction settings before you start the batch process.
General Features
• All features included in ReadyConvert,
• Filter options include first page only, even/odd pages, and landscape or portrait,
• Intuitive interface requiring no training to get started,
• Wizards guides the user with step by step instructions,
• Supports automatically checking for updates,
• Fully Unicode compliant,
• Help documentation provides useful notes on each feature.

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