Monday, November 1, 2010

Lawyer Files Motion So He Won't Miss World Series

Poor guy - all this is for naught with the Giants up 3-1 in the series- GO GIANTS

Most legal motions are pretty dry documents -- but not this one.

Dallas attorney Darrell Cook has asked an Irving judge to postpone a routine hearing because he has tickets to Game 1 of the World Series -- and the judge granted Cook a continuance based on the following.
"To put it bluntly, Darrell must be in San Francisco to attend to very important baseball matters and really, really needs to not be obligated to attend the hearing scheduled for Oct. 27, 2010, as he has no one to cover for him so that he can see to his business in San Francisco," his heartfelt emergency motion for continuance states.
Cook explains how he had no way of knowing the Rangers would be in the World Series when the court date was set.

"So when this setting was received, Darrell was convinced he would be in attendance, as it was unimaginable that anything the Rangers could do would interfere with such setting," the motion states. "But then suddenly and without warning, the Rangers began a steady march toward credibility."
In the motion, Cook describes how his love affair with the Rangers began when the club moved to Arlington in 1972 when he "was but a lad of 13." He goes on to recap this year's roller-coaster season, from the revelations about Ron Washington's drug test to the team's bankruptcy filing to the signing of Cliff Lee to the utter defeat of the "Evil Empire known as the New York Yankees" just last week.
It could be the best legal motion ever filed. After all, what other legal document will ever say, "It should be pointed out that A-Rod, also known as A-Fraud, took a called third strike to end the series and secure the pennant for the Rangers?"
As the motion goes on to say, "It has no significance to this motion, other than the fact that Darrell likes to point it out as much as possible."
He ends by making a plea for justice.
"The continuance is not sought merely for delay alone, but so that justice may be done," the motion states. "In particular, so that Darrell can be present in San Francisco for Game 1 of the World Series while Cliff Lee wields his usual style of postseason justice to the hapless souls otherwise known as Giants lineup."
Cook, who hopped on a plane for San Francisco Wednesday, arranged for another lawyer to be at the court just in case. Turns out that wasn't necessary.
"That's how lawyering go," Cook tweeted Wednesday, while paying homage to Rangers manager Ron Washington's now famous analysis of the team's 8th inning Game 1 meltdown to the Yankees where he said, "That's the way baseball go."

Cook's twitter feed is well worth a look if you are a world series fan; dwcook at Twitter

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