Saturday, December 25, 2010

Dave Tolleris: is he Richmonds very own Santa Claus? is a private weather forecast service located near Richmond VA specializing in providing Energy and Grain traders with weather forecasts from Day 3 to Day 30 and seasonal forecasting. Locally Wxrisk's main focus is on VA NC WVA and MD. Over the past week I've really enjoyed watching as Dave battles the charts and tries to predict what the forecast will bring.

I'd like to thank Dave for making weather not only interesting, but easier to understand. ! Thanks for your amazing abilities, your honesty in being able to admit a mistake and keeping us so accurately informed so we can all be prepared and take the precautions we should.

As of 9 AM this morning Dave is calling for a major storm- here's is exact forecast from 24 minutes ago

the local NWS forecast in in central & eastern VA is way too timid with this storm... They Have 3-6" for RIC- DOUBLE THAT please... ALL the data-- ALL of it... shows RIC east to the Bay in the 0.75 to 1.25" Liquid... NWS is assuming a 12:1 so DO THE MATH... HIGH WINDS... there is GOOD chance -JMHO BLIZZARD warnings might be needed Saturday Night and Sunday

So here's a holiday toast to Dave and his efforts on behalf of us Richmonders to enjoy a white christmas.

Check him out of Facebook and on the web or watch him go head to head with Richmond's own Mark Holmberg


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