Thursday, September 1, 2011

Service Is Job #1 in Litigation Support


Bankruptcy mailer totaling 2.1 million pages needs to be completed in less than 72 hours… 

“Call Superior! 

They can do it".....Oh YES WE CAN

Bankruptcy mailer for  former Fortune 500  totaling 2.1 million pages need to be completed in less than 72 hours with no prior notice over Thanksgiving weekend.

Superior is contacted by a law firm’s bankruptcy team at approximately 2 p.m. on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving day. Parameters included copying 525 pages 4,000 times; collating and clipping the 3 separate sections; stuffing the mailer into tyvek envelopes; affixing postage and delivery to post office before midnight Saturday. Scanning, OCR, burning to 600 CD's, labeling, QC'ing and Posting them was a secondary assignment.

  • Finding 4,000 tyvek envelopes with 2 hours left before a holiday weekend.
  • Coordinating delivery of 1.5 million sheets of paper; 1000 additional paper boxes and 40,000+ clips with 3 hours to go before close of business on Wednesday of a holiday weekend
  • Coordinating employees’ schedules to ensure round the clock over the Thanksgiving holiday in production, quality control; packaging and delivery.

Utilizing Superior’s network of suppliers, we were able to arrange delivery of all job materials before the close of business. The Superior Document Services team pulled together and worked for more than 72 straight hours through the holiday weekend to complete the project on time and accurately.

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