Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New ReadySuite Release focuses on printing/blowbacks

We’re introducing new features and options in our printing/blowback module, which will be a part of ReadySuite 4.1. Some of the new features include the ability to save and load print profiles, print color pages to a separate printer, and pre-processing options that include trimming and adding bates numbers to pages on-the-fly.

Here is a quick breakdown of the new features/options we’ve added:

Detect and print color pages to separate printer (with optional slip sheet),
Added print log output for detailed log of print items, including diagnostic data,
Save and load print profiles for all print option settings,
Set the maximum number of pages printed per document,
Add a print delay (time in seconds) between separator pages,
Option to reduce color and grayscale documents to black and white,
Print documents to file,
Add bates numbers and endorsements to images before printing,
Clean-up images with trim options and deskew, despeckle, border removal and hole punch removal options,
Re-designed separator sheet setup for cover, folder, and color-replacement sheets,
Option to skip printing a cover sheet when a folder sheet was printed,
Added ‘Color Replacement Sheet’ output when printing color pages to a separate printer,
Added ‘Print Controls’ for handling testing print output, start/pause and restart of the print process.

With the new ‘Print Color Pages to Separate Printer’ option we’ve added, you’ll be able to automatically detect if a page is color, and if so, route it to your color printer. On your primary printer (that is, your black & white set), you’ll have the option to print a slip sheet with the original image or with details about the color image (such as bates number/page identifier). This then allows you to print that slip sheet on a different tray, for example – red paper, which can then easily be replaced with the output from your color printer.

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