Tuesday, April 17, 2012

BeyondRecognition's Disruptive Technology Recognized by LTN

Like you, I view 100's of software demo's annually and in my experience BeyondRecognition is one of the few that isn't just the same technology painted a different color. Over the last month I've become more and more enamored with John Martin's game changing coding and "OCR" software BeyondReconition. As I continue to become more familiar with the softwares accuracy, speed and its potential to search sound and video, the more I truly believe this is a game changing technology. Quantifiably more accurate than human coding, Beyond Recognition can process 1 million pages per day which lends itself incredibly well to replacing the leatest litigation technology buzzword "predictive coding" and makes offshore document coding obsolete.

Law Technology News writer Evan Koblentz wrote an illuminating piece for the April 17, 2012 issue of LTN.  The article which you can read in its entirety here, starts out by stating
"Document review that involves optical character recognition may be on the cusp of a new level of accuracy, startup BeyondRecognition asserts." and continues on by saying "His approach is to perform OCR by using methods that make sense for computers, rather than methods that make sense for humans."

I've seen Beyond Recognition in action, and have the reaction of people involved in the industry as they "get it".  Without any reservation at all I would recommend you take time from your busy schedule and see this technology in action

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