Thursday, May 31, 2012

ReadySuite’s latest improvements, product briefing and a white paper

ReadySuite 4.2 Now Available
Today we released version 4.2 of ReadySuite, which includes upgrades to the image and text viewers, the addition of redaction capabilities within the image viewer, and improvements in the parsing and output of EDRM XML and Summation DII load files.
ReadySuite users can take advantage of a number of new features and enhancements made to the image and text viewers.  Users will now have the ability to edit TIFF and PDF images inline using the image viewer, utilizing various image clean-up, redaction, and rotation options. When saving changes to documents, users can choose from 'Auto-Save', 'Prompt', and 'Read-Only' modes. Other upgrades to the image viewer included new save and print options, improved image display, and easier page navigation.
Further upgrades include new word-wrap and encoding options in the text viewer, support for reading and writing more fields and data types from EDRM XML load files and Summation DII load files, and new customization options. You can find the entire list of updates and improvements at our development blog.
Each new version of ReadySuite is developed to address your needs – and improve upon your requests. So please... keep sending us your suggestions for improvements!
You can purchase a one-year subscription of ReadySuite for $1,179.95 at our online store. If you haven’t bought it already, a free 14-day trial of ReadySuite can be downloaded here.
ILTA Product Briefing
On Friday, June 1 at 12:00 ET, we will be presenting a product briefing to our friends at ILTA. Please join us if you can. In this session, we’ll cover how ReadySuite, the affordable and easy-to-use litigation software is designed to help you control the quality of your productions and manage various document related tasks, including:
  • Quality check + validate productions
  • Convert among industry standard load file formats
  • Merge, manipulate, and validate load files
  • Converting among multiple image formats such as TIFF and PDF
  • Applying or removing endorsements from image sets
  • Generating searchable text and PDF files using OCR
  • Batch printing image sets to high capacity printers.
Learn More About Quality Control in e-Discovery
Last week, we released “The Need for e-Discovery Quality Control in the Age of Digital Data,” a free white paper that discusses the current state of quality control in the e-Discovery industry, areas for improvement and a possible solution.
The white paper covers the buildup to the need for better quality control in e-Discovery processes. It includes an overview of recent cases where e-Discovery quality became prominent in the outcome of the matters. It also shares possible solutions for law firms, in-house legal teams and discovery vendors to solve the challenges of managing quality in their own processes.
To download the white paper, click here.

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