Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Unlocking Paper Based Intelligence with Disruptive Technology

"You want your documents to be searchable - not laughably searchable . . . " John Martin

When confronted with massive amounts of unstructured data and the need to access the business intelligence locked inside that data the options before today were expensive, required massive human intervention, were extremely time consuming and most troubling, very ineffective. John Martin loves disruptive technology. I love how John Martin thinks.

John's latest game changing software BeyondRecognition is being referred to as a "Big Data innovator" by several of the " Big Four" accounting  firms. The tool was originally built  for a  company that  needed to extract key information from a 30+ year old scanned paper document set of 2.3 BILLION pages for a due diligence effort.  In the energy sector, Beyond Recognition's  glyph clustering technology makes it possible to search for symbols 
used on maps to indicate things like radioactive wells, salt-water wells or API number codes.

As a result of this disruptive new technology Martin notes , "We're seeing a great deal of interest in this approach in the mortgage and energy sectors. The mortgage industry in particular typically has a relatively finite number of documents in loan files supporting the loan decisions, with definable types of data being of interest on each type of document. Our process could greatly lower the cost of tracking all those data elements during loan initiation, or to quality control the file for audit or sale purposes."

Essentially BeyondRecognition's  unique character, word and document attribute recognition and extraction capabilities for analyzing image-based documents. In Plain english  BR allows clients to extract very valuable business intelligence from scanned and digitized files fast, accurately and in a cost-efficient manner. In a press release Barbara Johnson, CFA, former executive of USAA Federal Savings Bank, serving as Chief Credit Officer and Senior Vice President of Real Estate Lending Services and now a Principal with Saccadent, a Financial Consulting firm, has reviewed the clustering and data extraction capabilities and offered the comment that, "In today's environment the ability to extract, utilize and match data across a variety of documents is incredibly powerful. This type of technology offers the promise of significantly decreasing the time and cost to process a thoroughly compliant loan from application through origination, audit, sale and servicing. An automated system to confirm all the critical items match throughout the process and are in the appropriate format and location on all documents would be invaluable. Lending is a document-rich industry and the time is perfect for this type of technology."

Another intriguing aspect is that  BR solution is language agnostic automatically recognizing 40+ languages interspersed throughout any data set with no up-front programming required and performs at 99.5% word accuracy on first pass unassisted review. The solution can scale to meet customer requirements between 500k - 50m pages per day regardless of the legibility of the images. In fact using BR Adaptive Image Enhancement techniques restorion of  poor quality document images to much improved legibility is a seemless byproduct 

For additional information or to request a demo  contact John Martin at John AT beyond recognition DOT net
or Michael Mulcahy at or by phone at 562 546-2465

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