Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Weapon of Mass Redaction

Millions of archived Official Records and other electronic documents are available to the public, and thousands more are added every day.  Billions of non public records could cause problems if information contained within were to be released. BeyondRedaction is a giant leap forward in what has traditionally been a laborious process rife with potential for errors

  BeyondRedaction in ReadySuiteworks by reading the word dictionary created by BeyondRecognition’s Global Glyph Catalog (GGC) and applying positional logic to where each and every user designated word or pattern appears on every page of every document.

Users can expect speeds of 150,000 pages / 600,000 words per hour in TIFF Images and/or 30,000 pages / 116,000 word per hour in PDF documents.  The text elements associated with the image redactions are also removed either from the associated text file (in TIFF) or from the text layer of the PDF document.  This methodology assures the user that no redacted information can “leak” out and completely obviates the need to re-OCR redacted documents.

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and legal document review services will gain huge savings in labor hours as well as vastly increased precision in the protection of sensitive information.

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