Sunday, September 2, 2012

Willie Wonka, Big Data, Pure Imagination

Hold your breath, Make a wish, Count to Three

Come with me …And you'll be
In a world of Pure imagination
Take a look, And you'll see Into your imagination

We'll begin
With a spin…Traveling in
The world of my creation…What we'll see
Will defy….Explanation

Maybe you thought that BeyondRecognition was merely the greates automatic “Visual Document Clustering” New Tool for Big Data. Well you'd be correct yet wrong. BeyondRecognition's powerful graphical engine can provide never before dreamed of  levels of image enhancement. 

BeyondRecognition's Visual-Similarity Clustering automatically processes and groups documents together for document boundary detection and document type classification, regardless of source and format — seamlessly processing native electronic files and scanned documents
Automatic Visual Document Clustering means that visually similar pages are gathered based on their graphical, rather than textual, content.  This avoids the errors normally encountered in extracted or generated text and leverages non-text graphical elements such as logos, form elements and other objects to greatly improve accuracy.

About BeyondRecognition

BeyondRecognition is a "textnology" company that has developed unique character, word and document attribute recognition and extraction capabilities for analyzing image-based documents. Disclosure of further details is being deferred until one or more patents on the process are filed. BeyondRecognition is working with a select number of companies in the electronic discovery and document management industries. 
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About Focus Data Management
FDM is the sales and marketing arm of BeyondRecognition. With offices on both coasts FDM is available to help you customize your Big Document Solutions using the power of BeyondRecognition. Contact us at 804.690.0010 or 562.822.7141

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