Monday, April 20, 2009

ReadyPrint 1.1 released

RICHMOND, VA (April 16, 2009) – Compiled Services, the company behind the load file verification and conversion tool ReadyConvert, is pleased to release a new version of ReadyPrint. ReadyPrint streamlines the document printing process for service providers and law firms alike.

ReadyPrint allows litigation support professionals to print directly from image folders or by utilizing industry standard load files. New to version 1.1, users can now easily print metadata on custom folder and document separator sheets to help organize and identify documents.

Designed with high speed printing in mind, ReadyPrint combines documents by a set number of pages to reduce the overall printer cycle time, while maintaining folder and document sheets.

ReadyPrint handles industry standard load files, including Summation, Concordance, IPRO and EDRM XML. Additionally, ReadyPrint supports most common image formats, including PDF, TIF and JPG files.

ReadyPrint benefits litigation support professionals in many ways:

• Print single-page and multi-page images,
• Design and preview folder and cover sheets containing metadata fields,
• Print document cover sheets separate from documents,
• Designate up to three paper trays allowing different color separator sheets,
• Print common image formats, including TIF, PDF and JPG files,
• Send documents in groups to allow for high speed printing,
• Auto-rotate landscape images,
• Verify page compression and identify color documents before printing and,
• Track the number of documents, pages, folder and cover sheets printed.

To get started, try our fully functioning 14-day trial by visiting http://compiledserv readyprint/ . To learn more about ReadyPrint and how it can benefit your firm, contact our sales team at sales@compiledservi today.

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