Thursday, December 3, 2009

Just enjoy the Eye Candy

My friend John Salem at Telemedia Productions in Harrisonburg Virginia was kind enough to shoot a commercial for my company this fall. I found it amazing that he could come into my business, look around for 15 minutes; decide what to shoot and come away with something so in tune with what I do for a living. I expect that those of you living outside of the ediscovery or litigation support realm are flumoxed by this commercial and to this I say... "just enjoy the eye candy"

I found this tidbit on Kroll's website and found it worth sharing


From Jan. 1, 2009 to Oct. 31, 2009, 108 significant opinions representing e-discovery rulings were analyzed. The breakdown of the major issues involved in these cases is as follows:

* 39 percent of cases addressed sanctions
o 66.67 percent of sanctions involved preservation and spoliation issues
o 16.67 percent of sanctions involved production disputes
o 16.67 percent of sanctions involved other discovery abuses
* 27 percent of cases addressed various production considerations
* 12 percent of cases addressed privilege considerations and waivers
* 12 percent of cases addressed various procedural issues (such as searching protocol)
* 4 percent of cases addressed cost considerations
* 4 percent of cases addressed computer forensics protocols and experts
* 2 percent of cases addressed preservation and spoliation issues (but not sanctions)
* 1 percent of cases addressed discoverability and admissibility issues


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